Kate Nelson has been a Village real estate agent for over thirteen years and specializes in Nashville’s urban, residential neighborhoods. She has closed over 270 properties since 2004 and as a resident of the city since 2001, Kate is extremely familiar with the market. She’s also a licensed Broker, Certified Residential Specialist (less than 5% of all Realtors┬« have received this designation), and a Lifetime winner of the Greater Nashville Realtors Awards of Excellence. Her success can largely be attributed to her full-time dedication to forming personal, devoted relationships with her clients and helping them make the very best decisions for their real estate needs. It also helps that she is relentless in her pursuit of good investment opportunities and emerging markets for her clients.

Ten Things About Kate

  1. From the age of three her dream was to be a clown with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, the Greatest Show on Earth. She even toured a clown car and debated whether the red or the blue unit would be better. This lasted into high school.
  2. Kate has a very competitive nature. In high school she realized that Zoology had little competition in science fairs. She got some Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches from a zookeeper and started working/torturing them with great precision. Anything for a ribbon!
  3. Kate’s favorite place on earth is a summer camp in the North Woods of Minnesota called Mori-No-Ike, Concordia Japanese Language Village. She spent ten years as a villager and ten years on staff teaching Japanese to children ages 7-18. She was the dean for three years. If she were ever to leave Nashville this is probably where you would find her.
  4. Kate met the love of her life at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky. Kate and Stephanie have been together since 1999.
  5. Kate and Stephanie never dreamed of getting legally married. In 2008 they heard a news story about California letting people from other states where it wouldn’t be legal get married there they booked a flight and made it legit!
  6. Kate and Stephanie have the sweetest, cutest, most brilliant children in the universe.
  7. Kate started real estate classes one summer while she was at Vanderbilt Divinity School. At first her license was a way to get out of work-study and explore a “secular” career. Then she sold her first three houses to first-time homebuyers and the real estate bug hit her.
  8. Kate and Stephanie built over 300 square feet of raised beds in their backyard. Until their first child came along organic gardening was their thing.
  9. Now their thing is raising up their children into good people. It’s the hardest and by far the best thing they have ever done.
  10. Kate can’t stand whiskey but loves anything made with tequila. She spent her first six months in East Nashville walking to Rosepepper and trying to recreate their margaritas at home.